Rogues gallery

As the angle of the sun lowers shadows play tricks and exaggerates length. Today curves were added to the mix and I watched the slow distortion of shapes and size as the sun lowered behind my neighbours roof.


After work I moved stuff off both patio areas so the exposed aggregate concrete can be sealed later in the week. Hopefully I'll get it cleaned tomorrow night.

All the soak hoses are rolled and ready to store for winter. It's still very dry and I'll either hand water or use a sprinkler from now on.

I started to remove the stump and soil from a large pot. I've procrastinated because it's a tough and painstaking job to remove root bound soil from a pot. It's a lovely big pot and I have plans for it. I kept that in mind as I scraped away.

Today's gratitude: For the quiet of home and the absence of sirens and helicopters.

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