Church a little town called Penguin. I thought it was an interesting structure.

After 30+ hours of a power outage from the wild weather we decided to move to another place. We keep on changing our plans and today we decided on Longford, south of Launceston as it seemed to have the best weather outlook. It was a 200k drive via very good roads along the ocean ( Bass Strait). The first part was still very windy and with rain but the sun is shining here and the temperature is up in the high teens. When we left I popped into the post office the poor lady behind the counter was sitting in the cold and dark. The generator for the wifi and phone service had also run out of power so we felt quite isolated. Sorry I haven’t been commenting or checking your journals but at the moment uploading my daily blip is about the limit of my resources.

We are close to Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania (100,000 pop). Tomorrow we will probably do some sightseeing around this area.

PS the car and van in the blip is not ours, we had just stopped for a cuppa on the side of the road as had the owners of that rig. Tonight we are in a lovely campground near the Macquarie River ( same name as the one at home).

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