Mono Monday object

I object to the weather today. Thanks for the challenge ApolloFly. Winds up to 159k/h .....

Gale force winds hit during the night and with a high of only 6° ( feels like -2) we decided to stay put and not venture onto the mountainous roads with a caravan. We got a power blackout about 2am and the power has been off all day. All the shops AND pub are closed as they have no power. So what do you do in a caravan all day, eat, sleep and read? I don’t suppose it’s much different from lying on the beach eating, reading and sleeping. If we had gone to our next town or an alternative it wouldn’t have helped as they also have blackouts ( from the wild weather). It has been sleeting and hailing most of the day but we have warmed the van up by heating the kettle with our gas stove. We also have solar and batteries which keep us going for lights etc, but not our nice cosy heater which was the reason for paying for a powered site. It’s hard to believe it was 40° this time last month and we were too hot. We are at Waratah in the high country of Tasmania close to Cradle Mountain, one of the famous spots for tourists. My brother in law was supposed to be starting a cross country hike for a week, but as the high today was 2° I’m thinking he would rather be staying put in his caravan rather than face the snow and hail for the next few days.

I finished my current book and here is a review as requested from a previous blip in February...
“Where the crawdads sing” by Delia Owens
Thanks to DDW for recommending it. I found it a bit hard to get into due to the language which I am not familiar with ( set in a marsh in North Carolina) but once I got over that it was an intriguing story of a young girl left alone and how she copes with the adversities of life surrounded by the beauty of nature. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and was surprised until the last page. I would recommend it for sure.

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