Spring in Wisconsin...

...is always SPECIAL, because in the battle between Winter and Spring, Winter always throws in a few late punches, just to liven things up! When I was out walking along the path above the Lake yesterday afternoon, it was freezing in spite of the sun, with a wicked wind & big waves coming off the Lake. As I walked I saw some "sparkle" on one of the little trees close to shore, and on looking closer saw it's bottom branches were all iced up. Of course, having already put in a blip for the day I hadn't taken my camera. After getting back home I checked the temps for during the night--all below freezing--so figured if I got up early enough this morning, the ice would still be there, & it was; though if it gets up into the high 40's this afternoon as predicted, it'll be gone soon.  If you look at the top branch, toward the left side, you'll see that some of the ice has already started to loosen. Thanks to Debbi for hosting TinyTuesdays this month, and for Old Timers' suggestion of "special" for today's theme, as it marks the 200th TinyTuesday challenge. :))

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