Everyday Life

By Julez


Today has been a good, chilled out day. (I can have one a week, can't I?) I sorted out post to send, sent it from the PO, then went into town to sort  out something  for my Mum for Mothers' Day

It's not easy to know what to get! In the end I got my photo of Molly printed in Boots and bought a nice frame for it. I'll get some flowers on the day too. I'm sure she will be happy with that. 

Choosing a card  was also quite a challenge - so many were completely inappropriate and/or gushy and sentimental. I got one with a cute puppy on in the end - just for the picture!

It took an hour to get the photo printed, so I went and had a coffee while I waited and took this photo too! 

Home now,and it's my turn to sort the bins this week. What fun!

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