Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

TinyTuesday - Special

I decided to go with something different (for me) today and shoot a piece of jewelry.  This lovely gold pendant was a gift from my husband when we were dating, so it is very special to me..  I've always loved it although don't wear it as often as I used to because I don't want to catch the chain on something and snap it when I'm in the field.  Anyway, a perfect day to set up the soft box in my sanctuary while Phoebe napped, and take some shots.  

Tech details:  I shot this in mono and then did some minor adjustments to warm the image up for an "old" feel.  I stacked 8 images to get better (but not perfect) front-to-back focus.  Then a small crop and I'm calling it done.  

Phoebe slept in our room last night which was good for everyone.  She is still having trouble walking but we arranged a step up to our bed that she seems to be comfortable using.  We will be taking her to the vet Thursday evening for a follow up.  I am hoping that she will show some more signs of improvement by then - it has been painfully slow to this point.

Hubs and I are off to the gym for cardio today.  And a stop in at the nursing home to try to wrestle some info out of the nurses there.  The facility we have her in is very good, but every person in any kind of hospital or care facility needs an active advocate.  This is especially true of those who have cognitive issues.  

On a funny note, when I looked out the upstairs window this morning, I was greeted by the sight of a group of wild turkeys, including a male in full display mode.  Honestly, he looked like a big lounge-chair waddling around the yard while all the other turkeys just ignored him. Periodically, he'd lower his feathers and then suddenly puff them all out again.  How I wish I'd been able to get shots of him!  Hoping he and his posse will return when I'm in the hide.

Looking forward to spending some time on Blip tonight perusing the TinyTuesday entries.


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