Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

"Tis a fine kettle of vultures - Yard Bird #20

Not everyone's kettle of fish, but I happen to like vultures.  The graceful and seeminly effortless way they soar on the thermals is just magical to me.  They embody the very thing about flying that captivates humans, I think - the thing that we can't do, no matter how we might try - to glide endlessly on invisible air currents.  

Okay, so they aren't the prettiest belles of the ball, but - damn - they can dance!

Turkey vultures, unlike their Black Vulture cousins, rarely ever take live prey, instead choosing to feast on carrion.  I like to think of them as nature's janitorial staff.  

A fun bird for my 20th to be blipped this year.  There were about a dozen soaring above the yard, some landing at the edge of the woods, but most just floating along on the air currents.  Some passed very low over the yard, allowing me some closer looks but I liked this image better for some reason.

Did a little shopping for clothes today (something I hate).  Needed some shorts for the cruise as it is going to be pretty warm in all of our ports.  Also had a nice long chat with mom and dad this morning - always a great way to start the day.  

Feeling very proud of all the young people who organized and marched in the "March for our Lives" events around the US/world.  I am sad that it has taken such horrific losses to wake this generation up, but I have such hopes that they will take on the big issues of the day in their time.    This isn't about gun control or no gun control, Republican or Democrat - it's about what kind of world these kids want to live in.  I hope they follow through, that they vote, that some of them go on to run for office, and that they participate in making this country theirs.  And if I was one of the fat-cat politicians sitting around in Washington right now...well, I'd be getting a little nervous.  Just sayin'.  Not looking to start any political debates here, by the way, just voicing my own opinion, no matter how flawed it might be.


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