By iaint


An uneventful day at work. 

Phillie the Intern asked me to review a letter she created to point out to a constituent that the Boss agrees 100% with his complaints about the social security system, but he should direct them at Westminster as the Scottish Parliament has no powers in that area. It was excellent. She is sharp. 

We laughed about that constituent's letter. It must have been close to 500 words without a full stop or comma. Aside from social security issues he went off on a tangent about the lack of affordable car parking close to the Scottish Parliament. It seems he'd driven around Glasgow city centre for ages trying to find somewhere. (For non Scots - the Parliament is in Edinburgh).   

I read ScotRail's newly published plan to improve performance - local services have been atrocious. An amazing amount of management doublespeak (probably inserted by overpaid consultants to justify their existence) but I did learn a lot about how the problems arose.  

After work - and remembering last night's excesses - I went to the nearby Polish deli for some bread, cheese and crisps. Polish sourdough bread and Latvian cheese for "dinner". 

While cycling home I realised something must be going on deep in my soul. Italian food last night. Polish and Latvian tonight. 

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