A time for everything

By turnx3

Adena Trace trail

Today was another beautiful sunny day, with the high by late afternoon reaching close to 60F. Roger had an appointment mid morning, but once he was back, we headed out for another afternoon of hiking, this time a relatively short section of the Adena Trace trail, which goes around Brookville Lake in Indiana - about an hours drive away. The whole trail is 26 miles in length. This was a totally new trail for us, and I suspect not very often travelled - certainly today we had it to ourselves. There were one or two boats out on the lake as we arrived, but over the summer months it will be a very different picture, with various sorts of watercraft out on the water. We did a similar distance to Saturday’s hike at Clifty Falls, about 6 1/2 miles, and similarly with plenty of ups and downs - equivalent to 88 flights of stairs according to my Fitbit! The first section was very muddy, and I was about ready to give up, but fortunately it improved! We did have several streams to cross, but only fairly narrow ones. My thumbnail picture, bottom left in my collage, shows a plant we came across in one area, forming a little carpet of green amongst the dead leaves. Some research this evening revealed that it is called Ground Cedar, and is related to the fern family. It was really quite pretty - I took a wider shot too, but unfortunately I didn’t get the focus right on that one.
It was about 6.30 before we got home, and then I had to fix dinner, and unfortunately it wasn’t a particularly quick one, so dinner was late, and having had a bath, I now feel ready for bed, so I shall say good night!

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