Still beautifully Spring-like here. I dare almost to say that the season is actually upon us. There is beautiful blossom on the tree next door (pretty sure this is a Peach) and flowers springing up all over. My neighbour has her first Iris in bloom already.

Today has been a busy one, with continuing laundry activities (almost done now!) taking advantage of the sun and light breeze. There have been three deliveries today resulting from an online spending spree in the past couple of days... rather like Christmas around here despite the clement weather. I stayed in to await deliveries so have not yet had my walk today, though I rather think that more calories were expended in a welter of housekeeping activity instead.

Spirits are high, thoughts are positive and I cannot wait for everything to be straight so that I can indulge myself in some online learning, reading, knitting and photography. This is uncharacteristic discipline, I must say!

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