Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Just pottering about ...

I had thought of blipping the screenshot from my Fitbit today, showing the 13.5k I managed to walk without actually going for a walk, if you get me ... But instead I’ve gone for my youngest grandchild as a Viking. Walking to her school to see the Viking exhibition in her classroom was one contributing factor to that mileage: what terrific work these teachers get out of their pupils!

Earlier we’d had an errand in town which we managed to combine with a lovely reunion with our friend Andrew, now Bishop of Brechin, over a bowl of soup in Henderson’s. Henderson’s Salad Bar was where I ate the day before the first time I went out with Mr PB ... and that wasn’t yesterday!

The final lunacy was dinner in my fave Chinese Restaurant. The lunacy lay in the fact that we walked there (30 minutes) and back, so that we could both have a drink. Yes, I had been intending to call an Über ...

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