Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Angel in a polychromatic heaven ...

This gilded angel is one of four who bear candles around the altar of the Cathedral of The Isles on Cumbrae. Behind it are the wonderful polychromatic tiles of the sanctuary - all of the whole the creation of William Butterfield  (7 September 1814 – 23 February 1900), a Gothic Revival architect associated with the Oxford Movement (or Tractarian Movement). He is noted for his use of polychromy. There is a list of his other buildings here.

My extra photo is a view of the cathedral interior from the altar step - the reverse of my usual views, giving a view of the choir stalls in which I have spent the last three days (I did get time off for eating, sleeping and so on, but it was the singing - rehearsal and Evensongs - which were the main attraction. It was in these same choir stalls that I first knew I had to assent to the faith that I had been singing, and from them I was confirmed some 8 months later, in 1973. 

I've been singing there ever since - though in fact I first went to sing in 1969 - and every year I'm amazed at the good fortune that has kept the three of us in good enough voice to keep singing. Tiring, though - right now I'm so tired I can barely think...

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