Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Jen in Blipland

About 8 years ago I was introduced to blip through a friend.  Sadly she is no longer blipping now. 

Blip has become such a welcome home to me and it has been said before and will be said again but really blippers are the most friendly supportive community.  You have been there through thick and thin, sad and happy times.  You have come on my travels with me and better still, I get to go on your travels (although some of you travel more than most - you know who you are).  I have made many friends through blip and I value those friendships dearly.  I don't need to read a newspaper as I know what is going on around the world through blip.  All in all, I guess you could say I am thoroughly hooked now.  More recently I haven't had a lot of screen time what with the Therapy Dog walk that we are organising but you still manage to drop by with comments and gifts and I am very grateful for your continued support.  Blip to me is a wonderland so it was only fitting that I dressed for the occasion with my two trusty white rabbits.  Don't worry, I didn't feed them any of the magic mushrooms.

Finally, a thank you to the directors and community blippers working behind and in front of the scene.  We all wouldn't be here now without you and for that I am deeply thankful.  

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