all about it!!

I had an early appointment at the hairdressers this morning, so made the most of the beautiful start to the day by having a walk along the canal afterwards :)

These geese were keen to make an impression as were the ducks (by fighting) and the swans in preening :)

Afterwards I came home and made a start in the garden for the first time this year...big fail when the (new last year) clippers did not do a good job ...or my wrists weren't strong enough!  

Whilst I did this, beautiful girl came out and wandered around.  I've never seen her so active in the garden.  Later she blotted her copybook with a swipe at Katie, the very lovely 16 year old cat belonging to my neighbour!

A bit of housework, some catch up on TV and a doze!  I woke up feeling really cold again and its not particularly cold today....

Just about to make Chicken and Chickpea Curry :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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