Mother's Day...

This has been one of the most difficult Mother's Day's I've ever had, but Church helped.  These beautiful violas in a pot were handed out to all the 'ladies' :)

I got an extra one, which I took to my neighbour who lost her mother about 20 years ago and her Dad about 2 weeks ago.  She was very pleased :)

Usual lazy Sunday, did less than I meant to and dozed which was not helpful!  Anyway, 2 big bags of shredding done this afternoon and now I've got a roast chicken traybake in the oven :)

At least I got to speak to Mum today, though she is becoming a little incoherent now :(   

(heard my brother hasn't even sent a card, I'm so sorry that he is being like this to Mum e's been like that to me for years, but I'm used to it and not bothered)

Victoria later if I can stay awake :)

Tomorrow - the Manager returns from holiday (and I have a hospital appointment to have the lump looked at, so thankful)....

Happy Sunday folks :)

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