By hazelh

Abbotsford Chinese drawing room décor

We are very much enjoying our weekend of 'Showing things to Finns'. Jouko used to work as a gardener for the President of Finland, so our itinerary is based mainly around gardens.

This morning we drove over to Dawyck. Here the most impressive plants were the early rhododendrons. We also spotted a couple of gorgeous blue pheasants running about the place, although none would pose long enough for a blip.

This afternoon we visited the garden and house at Abbotsford. This has recently been transformed as a tourist attraction, and was a much more engaging experience than the last time we were there several years ago.

Our hotel breakfast kept us going until mid-afternoon when we stopped in Melrose for 'cake for lunch'. In reality this was 'scone for lunch' for three of us, and 'apple crumble for lunch' for the fourth.

Back at the hotel again, we played Exploding Kittens before dinner. We're now beginning to get the hang of the game, and it looks like it's going to become one of our favourites. It's very funny, and has the big advantage of only taking about 15 minutes to complete a round.

My blip is of the Chinese wallpaper in the drawing room at Abbotsford. I have also included an extra of Melrose Abbey.

Exercise today: walking (9,993 steps).

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