A huge flock of Sanderlings in the sea.
A splendid Sunny day.
We decided to walk along the beach before lunch. So we had our sandwiches and juice with us.
We walked southwards, an endless walk on the sand till we reached the point where we could see the beach of Monster. There we rested and saw to our big surprise this huge flock of Sanderlings standing in the sea in a row. The walked to and fro, flew together in a circle, tiptoed forwards and backwards.
There were juge waves at that spot. The Sanderlings did not seem to care. We stood in awe and tried to take photos of this marvellous sight.
I show other photos in the extras. One of the moment that they were standing on the sand, and the other of two birds, I saw that one of them had only one leg, and it seemed that the other protected the poor bird.
We rested lying in the sand and walked back with the wind in our faces.
When we had returned home, Mischa came to see us and we sat at the balcony, and were so happy to hear her lovely voice telling of her life.
We of course told her of our wonderful trip to Venice.

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