Cheeky Choccie Chops!

today I went over to Jeri's to see her and the boys. Initially the plan was to catch the bus over, but Jae said he'd drive me, which made it less of a rush for me. Then Jeri messaged me and said she would collect me instead, as H was off school so she'd had to reschedule her clients. So Jae was off the hook too!

She fetched me after lunch, and we went back to hers to chill until it was time to collect the little two. We went  little early and had a drink in a lovely little cafe in the village. H was much better by now - I suspect it was a touch of Schoolitis he had this morning! Jae used to suffer from it quite a bit but I got wise!!

Then it was back to theirs for a while. The boys played games online and in real life, and ate Rocky Road bars I'd bought them from the cafe. You can see the evidence around Theo's mouth in this shot.

He is the youngest of the three and the only one still willing and happy to be photographed!

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