Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Lunch #2

It’s been another non-stop day which didn’t go as planned. I had an appointment at 9 and G’s car wouldn’t start. An old problem which has come back, so I returned home to collect her.
We drove to straight to Peugeot for them to diagnose the problem. It had to be left there, hopefully, just overnight. As we were close by, Carrefour Festival City was next. G has a new Android phone – she got a real bargain! She has to wait until Easter though before I have a chance to set it up. We called at the Party Shop but they didn’t have what we were looking for.
Back home for lunch (my blip) before having to go out again, this time to Wafi. The pharmacy didn’t have the extra boxes of meds they promised. To make it up to us, they offered to have everything delivered to me by 10pm. Hmmm… suddenly I feel very green.
Home again and I was able to do some more ironing and tidying up. No sign of the delivery though. They called with minutes to spare to apologise and say they needed another hour, so I said “Ok.”. I then had another call to say it wasn’t really possible, so we’ve agreed on 9am tomorrow. G baked a cake to take with her on holiday. Just need to pack now. It is getting hot… 37 deg C today. At least we can say we enjoyed a slightly longer “cooler” period!

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