Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Easter on April 1st!

The alarm was set for 4:15 am but I woke several times before that! So, a very short night. We made it to the sunrise service well in time, and we even picked Simone up.

A good service (see extra) where we sang mostly from memory (ok for me!) and had a few baptisms. A potluck breakfast followed and we left fairly promptly, dropping Simone off before getting home to catch up on some of the sleep we missed!

G cooked a perfect roast dinner and we finished watching the DVD we started on Friday. Not easy watching Jesus' last few days on earth. (Gulp). I seem to be really struggling with energy, so G decided we needed a walk out, so we ended up at Al Seef. A bit later than I would have liked - too much traffic on the first day of the week - but I took the LX7 with me to try it out and discovered another mode other than Intelligent Auto which has helped capture some great night shots.

The most amazing thing about the evening though was seeing the full moon rise. It was so low and large in the sky, we actually sat and just watched it for a while. Home with a takeaway from our local Lebanese restaurant which is now fully operational. They're good!

It has taken a while to go through the pictures and choose just two which sum up the day. I shall put some on Instagram! And thanks to the clocks going forward, my favourite programme (BBC's tech programme Click) is now a whole hour earlier, so I don't have to be up until midnight to watch it!

We are in April. Yikes!

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