Pictorial blethers

By blethers


No sun today, and the grey weather brought back the disinclination to do anything after the energy of yesterday and the busyness of last week. I did, however, screw my courage to the sticking point (how're your quotes, people?) and go to Pilates, where we heard how we were advanced in progress compared to the Thursday evening hearties, one of whom had come to our class for a session and been impressed. Certainly we worked very hard; I felt thoroughly stretched and frankly exhausted after an hour.

Once home, with a coffee in my hand, things went downhill. I did manage to do some work on a poem that's been brewing on the back of an envelope; the file is now typed up and future revision can happen on the computer. I read some more of my Lent book; I fell asleep after lunch. Later, Mr PB wanted to walk up to the church for a bit of pre-Easter practice on the organ, so I went along for the fresh air. Before I left him to it and came home again, I stopped for a bit at the Prayer Corner, where the lit candle lighting up the icons invites anyone visiting to spend a quiet moment and which seems to me one of the really good things to have happened in our church in recent years.

And now it's nearly midnight again, and time to call a halt. I'll get round my blip-friends' photos soon, I promise ...

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