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I'm still not sure where the time's going these days. It's not as if there's been a huge change in routine - after all, checking and sending the week's shopping list to my shopping angel takes about half the time actually going to the shop would - so why do I find myself struggling to fit in a couple of Duolingo exercises in a way I didn't three weeks ago?

Part of today's difference was the bread saga: I was sure my embryonic loaf had died in the fridge overnight, but I brought it into the warm for a bit and then did all the thrilling things with a hot oven, a pre-heated oven tray and the roasting tin full of water in the bottom of the oven... and it actually tasted pretty good and there's plenty more for tomorrow. 

I spent some time being cross at social media - not the medium, but the people posting. Today's irritation was mainly set off by the sanctimonious laying down of the law by people who by all appearances hadn't even taken the step to google the matter of the latest laws but were determined to mouth off nonetheless. This occasioned a satisfying cull of the said sanctimonious on Facebook ...

We walked today in a fine drizzle, like being on a mountain. (It got wetter the higher we went). I'm blipping our church as we came back down the glen; it caught my eye because of the oasis of bright green that is the graveyard. I suspect the green is heightened by the quantity of moss - our garden is the same - but it fairly glowed on a strangely-lit afternoon, among the dead branches and shrubs of the still-wintery surrounding land. We didn't go inside - it's locked, and we didn't have our keys with us - but after dinner we did meet online with a surprising number of others for a service of Compline. It may be a sign of the times that so many people want to be together in this way - I suspect it is for us. 

Tonight's news has been depressing. I have to remind myself that it's often as much the tone of the presenter that can swing my reaction - and that as far as we're concerned we're halfway through a third week of seeing no-one. I'm going to try to be in bed by midnight.

Posting an extra of tonight's dinner. It's interesting how many "likes" food posts get these days on social media. If I don't come out of this as a tubby drunkard it won't be for lack of trying ...

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