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The business of bread ...

Another day when I end up wondering where it all went. It's not as if I hung around breakfast the way I often do - there was online Morning Prayer at 9.30 and I was determined to be clothed and with my face on ... And then there was the attempt to order a present on Amazon; it's going to be about a month late because of You Know What. And another attempt to report a missing parcel, given up because (a) I needed coffee and (b) tomorrow is another day. That little bit of frustration over, it was time to embark on the next stage of my attempt to make a sourdough loaf. This is, as I remember all too well, true Domestic Goddess stuff in that it involves a hearty bit of kneading (I don't have a proper DG mixer) followed by the anxious peering at a small lump of dough to see if it's growing at all (not much, is the answer). Anyway, it's past 11pm and it's now resting in the fridge overnight, wrapped in a teatowel, in a strange little basket which has a name that I've forgotten. 

And then it was afternoon, and getting on, and time for the exercise that has always been part of our regime but now seems mandatory for the nation. Will everyone end up fitter because our new national hero, Jason Leitch, has stressed that we need to get exercise in the fresh air to remain sane and well? We'll see. We met only one lady, known to us from many walks up this road, and some friendly sheep. The Blip is actually of part of someone's garden - or their ground, at least - and struck me as appealingly gentle-looking.

And that was it, really. Day over. Month nearly over. Lent nearly over - though as something I saw on Facebook today pointed out: This is the Lentiest Lent I've ever lented ...

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