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Distant horizon

I'm realising that every morning just now is my bleak assessment time - the time when I listen to the news, alone with the radio, a mug of Darjeeling, and the view from my bedroom window. Today that view was beautiful in the morning sun; it still felt early because of the changed clocks; what was there to feel bleak about? And because I'm writing this just before I go to cook dinner, to have a glass of rather splendid red wine that arrived just last week, to call an end to the day - because of all that I feel much more sanguine. And it's not as if there was anything unpleasant about the day - quite the reverse. 

A good day in a time of plague? Yes. Pilates with our wonderfully encouraging teacher live on Facebook, with me trying not to hit my head on the bookcase again; coffee; a walk along the East Bay, where I took this photo, and back for a late lunch; the gift from a friend of flour, yeast, alcohol and aloe vera gel (no, not going to drink the alcohol!); delivering flour from same generous friend to my bestie and collecting a basket in which to shape my sourdough bread (all conducted via garden walls and gates, with minimal contact and considerable distancing); getting rid of our collection of bottles and jars in a bottle bank that wasn't yet overflowing; sitting down with some Echinacea tea to recover ...

And I've had a chat on the phone with one son and an extremely helpful zoom meeting with the other, and dropped in on my oldest grandchild who was having a face-to-face on her phone with some of her pals, to great hilarity. And to finish this catalogue of goodness, can I point out that my blip for today is almost the same as the painting on the cover of my book of poetry, and that the distant horizons contain my favourite Island of Arran among other places...

I'm going to add another photo of a signpost in Kirn, because it made me laugh.

So I need a bit of a strategy for that first half hour - maybe get up sooner? Ditch the radio? 

And a last question, driven by a hilarious post I shared on Facebook today: how many of you good blipfolk are familiar with the term "fronted adverbials"? 

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