Deloraine tapestry

Today we moved on from Longford to Quamby Corner in Golden Valley. Sounds quaint. It is.

On the backroads Bob said once again, where are we going and why? Well you can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t always tell what a caravan park is like until you arrive. It is a bit quaint in a valley with high mountains around us. Much cooler up here. There isn’t a town that I can see and this is a paddock on a farm with power, water and other facilities. We settled in and were joined by Carol and Graham with their van after lunch. We drove into Deloraine, the nearest town where there was a tapestry at the tourist info centre that had been recommended as something worth seeing. It was huge, intricate and interesting. I’ve made another collage to show some of the bits that I liked. There were four panels, each a few metres wide and high. After that we sort of found ourselves in a museum, funny about that...both worth the time to see. I was very rash and purchased a book mark worth a dollar.

Dinner tonight was “their turn” and we had spaghetti bolognase and apple pie. Followed by a new card game called Stop the Bus.

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