Caves and pubs

We woke to rain so the bush walks were postponed and we decided to go to the Mole Creek ( there are no moles in Australia) caves. We toured the King Solomon Cave for an hour. I like caves but feel rather clostrophobic and am usually pleased when I see the light of day at the end of the tour. My thoughts went to those young boys in Thailand when they got stranded in a scary. The short walk through the rainforest was pretty.

On the return journey we stopped at the Tiger Bar at the Mole Creek Hotel and had pies and burgers. And a beer. It it named after the Tasmanian Tiger which was here until mid last century when they were all shot. Now extinct. Shameful. The thylacine was a large striped carnivorous marsupial. Both males and female had a pouch for the young. A most unusual creature. Of course they still have ‘sightings’ here ( a bit like the Loch Ness Monster) and some people reckon they are still hiding in the forests. Wouldn’t that be great if there was.

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