Liffey Falls and Pine Lake

The day started with a frost which heralded a fine sunny day. We drove up into the mountains where we wandered down to Liffey Falls through a forest. It took about 90 minutes even though the sign said 40 mins return. The rating on walks is very arbitrary. This is the first time we have been invaded by noisy children but they were having a lot of fun so we couldn’t complain too much. The only one who fell in was an adult, poor man as it was really chilly up there. His camera was safe but he dropped an iPad into the water.

After that we drove higher to a lookout and a little lake where the alpine country starts. There were a few Pine trees, hence the name, they are 1000 years old and the mossy grass is 100 years old. It was really chilly so we didn’t stay too long.

This is the last day with the in-laws. Tomorrow they head south and we head north. I wonder when we will meet up next? We do enjoy travelling with them.

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