As Mr. Punch used to say...

..."That's the way to do it!"

Even the Garden centres are wrong now & then.

Some time ago I saw, on a gardening group, a discussion on Schlumbergera and their Ilk. 
("Hands up those who don't know what an Ilk is?") © last of the Summer Wine.

WAY back in the mists of history I learnt of a similar plant, which I either misremembered as or was misinformed, was Rhipsalis.
When I got to look it up + help from a group member, it turned out to be:-
Rhipsalidopsis; and not VERY like a Rhipsalis at all.

Anyway - I bought this at a garden centre yonks ago, MAY even have been with Alice; mislabelled as Schlumberera. But, being 1/2 price, how could my Scottish ancestry refuse it? Besides it'll add a few weeks of indoor flowering.
Looks like it is more accurately termed Easter cactus even if it's NOT a cactus, than Schlumbergera, which does tend to flower nearer Christmas.

Later proved to be a Rhipsalidopsis NOT a Schlumbergera

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