Life through the lens...

By ValC


Wide Wednesday’s challenge. “beautiful/beauty “.
So took my camera along when I went shopping this morning to The White Rose Centre.
Quite difficult getting a photo, but I liked this one best, taken in Debenhams beauty department.

Not a very inspiring shopping experience.
Lots of sales everywhere.
Just rows of tat. Not surprised shops are struggling. They really need to up their game.
I did find a blouse I liked but, surprise, surprise, they didn’t have my size. Very average 14.
Will have to put weight on as there were plenty size 18 to 20!
So will end up ordering on line.

I did manage to get everything I wanted in Boots, so quite a few things crossed off my list.

However I got my Blip for today. So that was a bonus.

Yesterday’s mystery blip.
A Sedge. Not sure what variety. Tiny plant I have trailing in an old chimney pot. See extra.
Well done Knotman you were the first, and only one to get it right.

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