By DonnaWanna

Flower Friday - Illawarra Flame Tree

This was the last flower on the Illawarra Flame tree and a little shaft of early morning sun caught it as i walked past, it looked like a little red lantern with a flame (living up to its name;o). I’m not sure these trees should be still flowering this late hmmm!

So pleased the working week is over! Off to J’s music concert tomorrow, his band is on at 11am (there are about 10 bands altogether). Of course he is very excited about the whole thing!! Afterwards we’re off shopping for a new small stereo system for him. He’s been doing ‘research’ online for one that has all the bells and whistles and has it all picked out all we need to do is go and see if it will fit in the small space where it will live and buy it, even more excitement!! :o)

Happy weekend blippers and big thanks to Anni for keeping Friday for the Flowers!! :o)xxx

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