Recording a moment

By chrisf

Anarchy in the UK

To the Kings Arms on Bloom Street after work. It's a great pub, with loads going on.

A colleague who has done great work for Salford over the last 11 years was leaving, so a bit of a celebration. Liverpool's gain is Salford's loss.

Externally the pub houses this big royal coat of arms on the exterior. Dieu et mon Droit and all that. 

Internally, I enjoyed a pint of Anarchy. Not only a good ale, but somehow fitting for the direction the country seems to be taking. That is of course going too far, but Brexit is (inevitably, in terms of how it all started) a total mess. We are all getting weary of it, although that is itself dangerous. The stakes are high and seemingly getting higher. 

I may have another pint of Anarchy.

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