Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I had my first proper night's sleep in 36 hours last night and it was good! I couldn't quite wake up at the crack of dawn though. We were trying to plan the day and it occurred to Sandy that she can do a trip to Shenzhen today. There are a few items of clothing that I would like to have copied but I couldn't get a China visa, or a multi-entry Hong Kong visa, so Sandy was given notes. Martin went with her which was really nice.

I went to Discovery College (my blip) with Ben. He was asked to help with setting up the sound system for tomorrow's church service. They are meeting in a different hall, so there was quite a lot of setting up to do. It took a few hours and was great for me to be able to "chat" with Sandy on queries of fabric/colour etc. Today, I have explored WeChat!

Ben bought me a lager shandy at the bar that Sandy is going to have her party in a few days. Amazingly, we all met up at the bus stop so were able to travel home together. Sandy made aloo keema - a family favourite, especially for me; and then, we did some more chatting and catching up!

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