By suehutton

Frisby Road

Aziz was adamant that the Moroccan Consul would renew our residence visas for Morocco if we visited the mobile consulate in Leicester this morning. Neither Len nor I had any faith in this, but we went all the same.

The mobile consulate was accommodated in the Moroccan Welfare Centre on Frisby Road in Leicester. Mrs Google Maps got us there. It's an immigrant and Asian area just off the Uppingham Road.

Len went in, I stayed outside with Basil and we took a walk up the road, where we saw this graffiti. Honestly, it was the only photo that I took today that worked. Camera mags often advise you to go out with just one lens. By mistake, I had my 14mm lens on my x-t20. It was wrapped round my neck along with scarf and handbag, not forgetting the coat plus I was holding Basil's lead in one hand and his 'necessaries' bag in the other.

I had to switch to manual focus to see if anything was in focus. Thus I discovered that peak focusing was not working as well as I would have liked. A long trudge up and down the road. Basil watered the street.

Len found the consul to be very kind and as helpful as he could be, but in the end, we shall have to go back to the Immigration Office in Tangier. Not sure I want to do that again, although the consul said there should be no problem.

I think the session was held essentially to assist Moroccan nationals who also have European passports to negotiate changing conditions as a result of Brexit.

Napped for two hours in the conservatory this afternoon. Len assures me that we have jet lag.

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