By mindful_life

Mono Monday - Making a noise

This morning I started the day with a run, which was actually pretty grim. I didn't realise it was raining until I stepped outside and it wasn't only raining it was lashing it down. Fear not, I still ran 6.5 miles and was in the shower before 7am warming up!

Today was the first day of the Easter holidays for the children and I took them to a sports club they have been to before. I headed into work, had a reasonable day. I kept thinking about my children and hoping they were enjoying it because they have to go back tomorrow! Luckily when I arrived to collect them they were very smiley and enjoyed themselves. 

Home, snacks and then I took my daughter to gymnastics. Home again and my friend Vicky came over for a music rehearsal which was the first one in a few weeks because she has been on a cruise! We have a gig booked for the end of May so are working towards that now.  Whilst today's theme is Making a Noise, I hope we did a little better than that and made some music, but it seemed fitting to take a photo of my cello!

After she left, her son stayed for tea while Vicky went to a meeting, and I also practised a little more of my own solo pieces. It always takes me to another place when I am playing and it was really enjoyable.

Today's quote:

"Falling in life is inevitable - staying down is optional." Carrie Johnson

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