It Takes Two

By laurie54

Making A Noise

I was looking around for a couple of stuffed animals to set up the news article I'll share below.  As I was doing that, Mom was cleaning up after our ravioli dinner.  When I walked into the kitchen I saw her Leaning Tower of Pisa creation.  I figured if she bumped into the table those glasses would make quite a noise!  Thanks to Philip (Tryfan46) for hosting!

Too weird to be true? From the local newspaper police blotter:

Game of fetch leads to fight
Three dogs playing fetch with the same ball led to two Green Valley men exchanging blows at the dog park.
An 85-year old man was playing fetch with his dog when two dogs belonging to a 75-year old man decided to join the game.  The older man confronted the younger man,  telling him to get control of his dogs.
During the ensuing argument, the 75-year old hit the older man with his cane and the 85-year old responded by taking the cane away and striking the other man.  The younger man took his cane back and hit the other man in the back, causing him to fall. 
Both were cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and released.

Welcome to my town.  No joke needed today.

On a personal note, my Dad would have been 86 today.  Lung cancer took him at the age of 59.

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