3 of my favourite people

I was up before 6 today, and away before 7. Long before anyone else was stirring.

Busy work day and a bit of shopping at lunchtime. Had a chat to mum and dad during my lunch break and then Jon. His accommodation for the next few days is not very high standard, he said. I think he'd have preferred to be in the caravan!

I got home at 5.30 and tonight Mollie cooked tea. I am yet to work out the calories in the chicken fajita (which I've already eaten). Took a walk with Henry and the dog to the allotment. 2 eggs waiting for us, and we noticed someone has 'moved in' to the neighbouring plot. They have their work cut out, but have dug a small bed already.

Now tv and bed. As you see, I managed to get all 3 'kids' to pose for me. These 3 are my proudest achievement so far...

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