Someone’s idea of heaven

Window men earlier than expected. Was in the shower. Threw on a gown and dealt with them, then resumed my shower :(

Those South Westerlies wreak havoc when it rains. Anyway siliconed (man’s go-to patch-it-all) and they were off in 5 mns.

Cleared out a huge bag of his and hers clothes and just dumped at Barnardos. Sure sign of Spring.

And after 4 Tescos, finally found ‘BEYOND BURGERS at Tower Park Tesco Extra, Vegans ultimate burger. Made with pea protein. See Quorn are jumping on that bandwagon with a cheaper copycat version.

Asked the dear assistants in Tesco if they had vegan wine. Why they still don’t label the price tickets with a LARGE Vg???? Well luckily a smart young man said his sister was vegan and searched on the store inventory and found me an £18 bottle (eek ....££££), and persevered and located an Italian organic brand for £8 with 25% off 6 bottles, which I duly bought. Will be taking one red, one white to friends tomorrow and hope they are better than a recent purchase at Sainsbury.

Now relaxing with our flat whites at Coffee Lounge. Mr B is off on his 3rd walk round the block. He’s managing a good 20,000 daily steps. Just snapped this guy passing on his stylish lambretta (or is it a Vespa?)!

Thanks BobsBlips for hosting wide Wednesday with the theme “heaven” “

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