By HeidiHH


This landscape could be very familiar to you if you are following my blips.

But there's something very special in this vista. You see those 3 mountains in the background? Left is Cabezon de Oro. Right one is Puig Campana. In the midst of them is Sierra de Aitana looking quite flat, but it actually has the highest peak of Alicante Province going up to 1558 meters above sea level. There's also an army base or some kind of military surveillance area there.

Today - for the first time - we could see those from our street with bare eyes. We could see those metallic things glistening in the sun light. For a while. Then they disappeared from the eye. Those are 1,5 hours drive away.

Buddha is finally doing better. He's eaten and slept. And even played a little. Amazing how fast they recover when it finally starts.

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