This was not supposed to be my daily picture, but this red rain over the mountains could not be passed. It was during our evening walk. 

Buddha had his appointment with the vet today. He's getting better. Had a shot of antibiotics and we'll go back on Monday. Need to keep putting drops to his ears. (I hate that. It's really hard for me to do.)

Also Nelson got a bottle to pee in. He's been showing signs of incontinence. Second time this week I needed to wash the rug. So When we go in with Buddha, we take Nelson's sample with us and they'll test for possible infection. If it's clear, we may need to have an x-ray or something. I feel like I'm running a senior dog center.

So Nelson will be (hopefully) putting on some diapers for the nights until we figure out how to get his pee in check.

BTW, Here are almost all of the dresses I've made since Saturday:

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