By iaint


The work day was interesting, with a few moments of fun, and no particular pressures.

The sun shone all day, which was ideal.

After work I had to head over to Edinburgh Airport to pick up my MacBook from lost property. When I went through security there on my way to Dublin the other weekend, I picked up the wrong MacBook after the x-ray machine. It was identical to mine and came through in the tray just behind the tray with my bag and jacket.  

Someone else made exactly the same mistake. 

I found out when I opened mine on the flight. I guess he did the same, as he didn’t hand it in at EDI right away. It went to the USA with him and he handed it in at EDI when he got back on Monday.

A daft mistake, but a happy ending. The lost property people were great, and within 2 hours of phoning them from Dublin I knew they had located my one. 

Yes, before my next trip I will be buying doing something - maybe a cover - to make it more distinctive.   

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