By Kipsie

Too many 21century kitchen challenges

I spotted this double reflection in the house where I was looking after Yogi, so taken last Saturday. I do apologise, but have'nt taken a single photo today. Now back in my own little kitchen, with very few gadgets, which I did'nt need to call upon as we stopped and bought fish, chips & mushy peas from the mobile chippy aptly named Just For The Halibut! that was parked on the roadside just before we reached home. Ahhh! I've been working on the land all day, weeding & cleaning the plot, not my original intention but a neighbour has offered to rotivate part of my plot once it's weeded, so that had to be my first task, the weather was glorious after a chilly early start, my initial 5 layers gradually removed as the day & sunshine increased. The aches are beginning to set in, so got a fair idea how I will feel tomorrow morning. I got to the plot at 8.20a.m and packed up at 4.45 p.m. and headed straight to the pub for a well deserved cider even if I say so myself. The plan is to spend another day on the plot tomorrow. Let planting begin ... whoop whoop!!

I'm fading fast so off to my bed :)

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting

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