By ArcLight

Logan Malloch

After the excitement of the first four days of the was the excitement of dealing with the insurance company. They had left me a message yesterday asking me to phone, but I was rather busy, and I didn't want my day spoiling. I managed to get through to them today, and in fact the news was good, so bills can be paid, and arrangements for reinstatement will be made. Thank goodness. It's not without its costs though, the water incident, especially wear and tear on my psyche...

We had another water incident today, in that Mr A decided to tackle the toilet which appeared to have a busted flush mechanism. One more plumber visit later, it was just a matter of ordering a part on the tax dodging website. What japes....

In and amongst, I managed some pilates and some work. I was feeling very stiff after the week of travelling, conferencing and jollifying, so the pilates was much needed for freeing up some sore muscles. The work was a bit slow, but I'm trying to master a software package for writing - Scrivener - as it was recommended by PM as working well for academic purposes. We shall see.

It'll be an early one tonight...

This is a very non Leith Walk #leithwalkshop. I'm not sure it will last. It's new, and I'm also not sure what was there before.

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