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By HeidiAndDolly

Swedish Coffee

When I visit my friends in Sweden I LOVE the coffee! They have a Bosch Tassimo machine and we usually have a couple of cups of Swedish Gevalia coffee a day, made with hot milk. (No coffee for the poodle!)

At home I’ve had a nespresso machine for a few years, but I never enjoy the coffee as much as I do in Sweden, and I use it less and less. I’ve tried many kinds of coffee. Maybe I would enjoy the coffee more if I could get Gevalia coffee in nespresso pods. But that doesn’t seem to be a thing.

So I decided to make the switch and replace my nespresso machine with a Tassimo machine. It appears that the Gevalia coffee isn’t sold in the UK supermarkets, but IS sold through the Tassimo online store. So as well as the machine, I made a bulk purchase of the Gevalia espresso! Both machine and coffee orders were delivered while I was away on my trip, so I got it up and running and was happy to try my first cups today. And very tasty they were too! I’m happy I made the switch! Delicious Swedish coffee every day right here in England!

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