By Technophobe


My new running shoes arrived today.
I wouldn’t normally buy something like this which I hadn’t tried on , over tinternet but I did try I really did.
I went to a running shop. A thirty odd mile round trip. They had hardly anything in in women’s shoes my size. They’ve had a sale and the new stock hasn’t come in yet.
They gave me a couple of pairs to try which turned out to be men’s. When I said that men’s were wider on the heel and might slip they said it wouldn’t make any difference. Why do they make men’s and women’s separately then?
They said they might get new stuff in ‘soon’ . They ‘might’ have some elsewhere in their chain which they ‘might’ be able to get in a week or so for me to collect. No guarantee of colour . Old model. Another thirty mile round trip.
They persuaded me to signup to their email list which would tell me when they had their new stock in. I have since been bombarded with emails with useful advice like how to motivate yourself for running , eg run with someone else, run somewhere different etc. . Save money by not buying take away coffee every day and do your own manicures.

I ordered these directly from Brooks based on the updated model of my old shoes in the size I thought would be right. They arrived this morning in three days from Belgium, fit perfectly, free delivery. Success!

This hopeless service was from a specialist running shop. No wonder retailers are going out of business. I’ve just added another nail to the coffin.

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