By mindful_life

Sunny Saturday

This morning, reminding myself that I need to get a little more rest this weekend, I went for my morning run but cut it shorter than usual. The last few Saturdays I have been doing over 10 miles so today, I stopped at 8. I have been discovering new places to run over the weeks and this path is on one of the routes and is always calling me to take a photograph, so today I did.
After my run, I collected my daughter from her gymnastics training, and this afternoon I plan on doing little more than a bit of writing.  I have been trying to think of a title for a blog – the literary gentleman I chatted to on Thursday suggested it is important for writers to have one because publishers scour them in search of promising writers. So I have come up with Musings of a Mindful Musician – would appreciate your thoughts and ideas. 
Today’s quote:
“Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle.” Wilma Rudolph
How true this is. Many successful people tell of how their previous attempts at ventures have failed and I suspect that when they then go on to do something great, that succeeds, it will be so much more wonderful. I will take this with me as I continue to write my next book and move forwards in my life. I have had struggles, I have had difficult times, but now I see the light and the rewards I am sure with be worth it.
Have a wonderful weekend x

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