By mindful_life

Sunday Rest Day

As I have indicated all week, I have been feeling very tired! Last night I slept for ten hours and woke feeling so much better! Yipee! 

So, for today, I have taken things very easy - I have done some more work on my book, which I am really getting into - I just need to get it all down out of my head and onto paper!

I have caught up on all the washing, prepared lunchboxes and then this evening my daughter asked to do some baking, so we did! We made a few cupcakes which she decorated beautifully.

I cooked a Mediterranean prawn dish for dinner whilst my husband took my son swimming and now I am ready to sit and relax for the evening before I start the week again tomorrow. This week will be a 4 day working week, which will mean more rest and recuperation next weekend.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Sunday and weekend!

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