Great Spotted Woodpecker

I was back at the river soon after 8 this morning in the hope of capturing more kingfisher shots. There was a man there who had already been waiting for an hour but hadn't had one come close - I was glad I didn't make a special effort to get there earlier. I stayed by the river for three hours but only saw the kingfisher flash by and had no otter sightings at all. And I'd completed 10,000 steps by 11.30!

However, what I did get to see was the great spotted woodpecker! Not a bird I see very often, so I was thrilled to see him - even if he did stick out his tongue at me :). How silly is that? So there are four images today that I really want to share with you - my main blip where he is simply looking very handsome, the first extra with the tongue, a second extra as he disappeared inside the tree showing off his red bottom (also pretty silly!), and the final extra of him poking his head out of the hole. This was all a new experience for me, so I was pretty chuffed!

More woodpecker silliness over in my b&w journal

Thank you all so much for your recent generosity - hearts are still coming in for my hovering kingfisher, enjoying its last day on page one. I've had a remarkably good wildlife week - I'm glad you have enjoyed it, too!

Hope you've all had a great day!

Ann :))

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