Capital adventures

By marchmont

Some gardening

Still very chilly today. I am not liking this. A bit of culture at lunchtime, 'A Play, Pie and a Pint' at the Traverse. Play was good, I had wine and the pie wasn't hot enough.

When I got home I made lists of the things I need to do. They are not exciting. Although it"s still in single figures the garden, being sheltered, was quite warm, warm enough to cut the grass and hoe tons of moss of the paving stones. There is much weeding to be fine, but that's for another day.

I cooked dinner for the first time since I got home, I haven't had the energy or the inclination before.

I watched s bit of the new BBC Scotland channel, Fiona Stalker, must be 20 years since we worked together when she was at Northsound. Then a good catch up with E.

Only one photo today, the garden (with cut grass) in the evening light.

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