... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Black Swan & Cygnet (& Hose)

Cuter and curvier in large.
Black cygnet alone
Ross'sling taking off (4/4)
Ross'sling flying for food (2/10)

My mother and I went to St. James's Park (to see the Ross'sling...); we found this black cygnet paddling about in the wet grass (the park workers were in the area, or their hoses were...). A man threw them loads of bread, and my blip was the mother taking bread from by the cygnet, saving it from itself (however unintentionally). Does less harm to the parent than the developing cygnet at least.
We found the Ross's goose family at the other end of the pond, and spent quite a while watching them as they snoozed, stretched, raced over for food (the Ross'sling flew), and poked about in the sunshine.

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