Another Terrible Snap

Friday again - a bit of boatyard activity (giving that engine a turn and worrying; I speak to Ian McD who’s had a new engine fitted (his old one was the same as mine): who fitted it I ask. He fitted it himself, godammit it)), and two trips to Elm Row for the new Handbook. In between much enjoyable gardening. And a crowd of local waifs appeared as I did; wee boys still full of such childish nonsense and yet big talking bravado. It was good to chat to them awhile.
So, Assange has been finally ejected by Ecuador after skipping bail on charges of sexual assault from that fascist state, Sweden. The perfect pin up boy of our times. A computer hacker. "History will remember Assange as one of the greats, as a visionary," said who? Russia Today of course. I wonder what fate would befall a Russian equivalent? Nope, I’m not a fan.

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